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DADAPOST | 13409 Berlin/Germany | Nordbahnstr 10 | March 19 to April 24, 2011

Reader on the show in German

Contribution by Franziska Becher:

Beitrag von Franziska Becher

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In March of 2009, (Kunstraum) Dada Post opened with its inaugural exhibition titled Youth Cult. In 1995, Professor Norbert W. Hinterberger and Marcel Hager (owner of the Unwahr Galerie in Berlin-Mitte) collaborated on an exhibition that featured a group of young artists from Weimar. In 2011, we are pleased to present the third edition of Dada Post's annual Youth Cult exhibitions.

For Youth Cult 2011, we are pleased to present an exciting group of young artists from a workshop project initiated by Professor Hinterberger, of the of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar/Fakultät Gestaltung/Freie Kunst, and his assistant Naomi T. Salmon titled: "Geld oder Leben?" ("Money or life?")

As one of the few intergenerational institutions left in society, the art world has unique opportunities to celebrate the achievements of the old and tried, along with the blessing of the young and fresh. For older generations, the presence of youth is a sign for optimism, but the sometime stark visions of the young can startle even the most hardened among the old.

Artists are contemporary purveyors of the metaphorical, representing the temperament of their moment. Today we are facing the chill winds of the global economic recession. And tough times like these tend to hit young people, who are in transition, harder than any other group. Currently, the economic prospects for young people are not good. The brunt of this looming calamity is that it reduces opportunities for social mobility, which have long-term consequences.

A cynicism emerges among young adults, as the ideal world taught to them in childhood, gives way to the harsh realities of the real world. The artist's individual self-awareness is always historically determined, and one cannot assess an artist's work without examining his or her particular quarrel with the world. With a reformulated vision, these young artists offer a critique of these difficult and challenging times - through their art.

Themes explored in the early art proposals presented on December 16th 2010:

Geld oder Leben Dadapost EinladungThe shattered dreams, of a youth losing hope and faith, was a dominant theme observed in these early proposals and discussions. This encounter painted a portrait of a youth fixated on the thematics of personhood and the body. The proposals ranged from concepts that incorporate the use of firearms, to other ominous preoccupations such as suicide kits, and a general mistrust of the leaders of our financial and political institutions.

One artist proposed to cast bullets out of Euro-Cent coins, to show that money is a dangerous weapon, while another simply proposes a Kalashnikov (AK-47) machine gun as a ready-made sculpture.

In the social/political sphere: a new social system was proposed, whereby because of the shortage of earth resources each person will get the choice of a long and modest life, or a short life of luxury mandated to end at a specific time.

An experiment was presented that distilled the smell of money into a perfume, and another proposal was to create a facsimile of the famous disappeared briefcase of the German Finance Minister, containing a supposedly illegal cash donation.

These are but a few of the provocative responses to Geld oder Leben?.

The onus to renew and carry on visual art practice necessarily falls to the young. But ideas and traditions change, as young artists find ways to create new ones. The world is moving to knowledge-based economies, and as the global economy recovers, it will look permanently different. There will not be a recovery where the skills of older people come back into demand. In the world of art practice, for certain, there can be no creative continuation where the visions of older artists remain the primary focus. The youth have a fresh set of senses: smell, touch, and feel - about what's going on in the world.

These truly contemporary practices offer an opportunity to experience art's mutating forms. The living currents that spring into existence, such as the allegory of self becomes perhaps a signature subgenre of a new contemporary art. Dada Post is pleased to present Youth Cult 2011: Geld oder Leben?

Artists: Max F. Albrecht + Franziska Becher + Patricia de Paula Silva + Cosima Göpfert + Sibylle Grundeis + Marlet Heckhoff + Julia Herfurth + Georg Hilburger + Mara-Lea Hohn + Daniel Koch + Peter Krug + Sira Sandberg + Martin Schade + Susanne Stäudel + ThorRon (Thoralf Müller & Ronny Korn) + Philipp Valenta + Johanna Warm + Dioberma Diaz Ramirez Zerimar

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