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KUNSTFORUM | 99867 Gotha/Germany | Querstr. 13-15
May 24 through August 11, 2019

The Bauhaus as a historical event is presented in many facets this year. But what significance does it have for artists who live and work today? This is the question that the Thuringia Association of Visual Artists has asked its members. The answers can be seen from 24 May 2019 in the KunstForum Gotha. The method of the Bauhaus aimed at every form of creative activity and this corresponds to the diverse spectrum of the 42 current positions: Painting, sculpture, installation, graphics and photography but also product design, ceramics, textile, metal, jewellery and wood design. The results of two workshops - designed in the spirit of the Bauhaus as a creative field of experimentation - are also part of the project, implemented by artists with different training, different origins and from different generations. Further information is available at:

Contribution by Franziska Becher:

Franziska Becher
Franziska Becher is one of the 58 invited contemporary artists.
She presents a reference to the Itten costumes. Photo: Franziska Gräfenhan, Gotha.

Anlass Bauhaus 100 Personal Artist
Anlass Bauhaus 100 Personal Artist
Anlass Bauhaus 100 Personal Artist

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Famous Art School as a Laboratory | 100 Years of Bauhaus
58 artists show reflections of heritage in their work
at the Kunstforum in Gotha in the anniversary year

From toys to drawings, from graphics to jewelry. In the exhibition "Anlass Bauhaus 100" at the Kunstforum Gotha, the famous art school reveals itself as a laboratory. A total of 42 positions are gathered in the show of the Association of Fine Artists Thuringia, which celebrated its opening on Thursday and can be seen until 11 August. "The Bauhaus is glorified, marketed, trivialised, iconised, quoted. We didn't want another exhibition that imitates this artistic phenomenon," said curator Angelika Steinmetz-Oppelland at the opening. Also because of the "abundant" blessing with Bauhaus testimonies of the region, the association had consciously decided to use the famous art school as an impulse for the works of today's creative artists. "The Bauhaus phenomenon thus becomes an occasion for the reflection of contemporary works", said Steinmetz-Oppelland . And numerous artists knew how to use this occasion. "We were surprised at the large number of applications that we received in the run-up to the exhibition," said Klaus Nerlich, spokesman for the Thuringia Association of Visual Artists, who himself contributed works to the show. In the end, 42 approaches by 58 artists were selected from all the positions, Nerlich continued. These reflected the Bauhaus, which was a field of experimentation, Steinmetz-Oppelland added. So it seems hardly surprising that it is precisely this versatility that connects the 168 works with one another. The range of positions shown in the show varies from reduced, such as Falko Bärenwald's sculpture "Januskopf", to playful, such as Renate Müller's doll ensemble "Rolling Family", to the surreal fine art print by Steffi-Babette Wartenberger or the modern artist's uniform by Franziska Becher, which not only reminds one of the Itten costume, but also manifests the Bauhaus mantra "form follows function" in fabric.

Gotha visitors
Visitor Crowd

Bauhaus Türklinke
will be filled with the spirit of the Bauhaus [if you believe in it].

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