Franziska Becher, Foto: Klaus Bach

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Franziska Bechers versatile, creative working methods, which are unable to be summed up in one concrete style or topic, make her pieces something very much individual. Her work is characterised by the combination of traditional values, identities and fortunes. Her ability to recognise tendencies in our society in everyday, personal dealings with one another is typical of Franziska Becher as human and artist. The question of identity, of whence and whither, is engaged by humans constantly and everywhere in the entire world. Franziska Becher poses the question, “Who am I?” in undertaking an attempt at identification through her name. In “Ich bin Franziska Becher”, from 2009, she collects publications, records and identity cards of 15 living persons in Germany with the name of Franziska Becher, ranging in age from 14 to 85 years, exhibiting everything in a display case. She thus undertakes an attempt to identify through the mentioning of the name. Every viewer is able to give an answer themselves. The vibrancy in her artistic work, paired with creativity, interest in human togetherness and emotionality resulting from personal, positive as well as negative life experiences, and the constant question of how identity in our world is to be reconciled with further advancing uniformity, is to be anticipated and hoped for in further works by Franziska Becher.