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MONEY CAN KILL | Florian Schauer-Bieche interviews Franziska Becher | published in Helden von Heute [Heroes of Today], Vienna on Oct 17, 2015: Since 2002 Franziska Becher has dedicated herself to the visual arts. One of the current works of the 27-year-old German is cartridges, which she makes from 50 Euro Cent pieces. She has also founded a fashion label that makes clothes especially for artists. However, she confesses that she cannot yet live from her art. For this reason Franziska is a waitress on the side. An interview about why money means nothing and why art has to provoke. Franziska, you describe yourself as an artist - what are our readers allowed to imagine, what do you do? . . . more

ABOUT THE NO!art | Franziska Becher interviews Dietmar Kirves, Berlin on Nov 19, 2010: Dietmar Kirves: It was difficult for me to get back into art in 1978. I was 'fed up' with the conventional art scene. I didn't want to have anything more to do with it. During my time as a student in Kassel in 1963, I had participated in documenta III as a press, public and artist advisor. Then, in 1968, I gained experience in the Düsseldorf art scene. At that time an 'important' art center in Germany. The whole machinations disgusted me. How it all works out. How it is manipulated. Who dies when. When the prices rise. Which collector to court and so on. What art is and who stays outside the door. And that's when I left in 1974 for Berlin, the city of the Berlin Wall, to distance myself from the art scene. Nobody here was necessarily interested in art and its manipulation. Here it was more about social political things and issues like East-West conflict, autonomous movements, squats, punk movement, demonstrations and so on. There was no saturated society here. . . . more